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Half way done with M3 year!

I took my Neurology shelf exam (aka the “Gelf” because it’s written by Dr. Gelb), and now I am officially half way done with my M3 year! I thought M1 and M2 year went by fast, but M3 year definitely goes by even faster. I was busy every day with clinical duties and studying, switching… Read more >>

On being a student

Perhaps those most likely to read this–students and perhaps aspiring students–are among those most affected by this phenomenon known as studying. I have not devoted much time to thinking about this conceptually, as when I am consumed by “studying” I have no time for philosophical meanderings, and when I am not, I have little desire… Read more >>

“Lub dub:” Listening to many hearts

Sometimes I wish I were Hermione Granger in my third year of Hogwarts so I could use a time turner! Then I remember I can stream lectures at 2X and gleefully embrace the magic of technology. I may not be trying to save Buckbeak this week, but it sure has been a busy one of… Read more >>

Workin’ hard, or hardly workin’? (Spoiler: it’s the first one.)

Geez, I thought time passed quickly last year… It’s already mid-October?!? We’ve plowed through three sequences since the beginning of the year: cardiovascular, pulmonary, and renal. Tomorrow we start with the first of two weeks of clinically-focused activities and, while it will be no walk in the park (pretty sure revisiting physical exam techniques is… Read more >>

Football Saturdays

Judging by the fact that this is being posted in the hours leading up to Michigan’s (hopefully) victory over Northwestern, I am not in the Big House right now. I love Michigan football, but unfortunately I came to the conclusion many years ago that I am far too short to enjoy a game in the… Read more >>

Life in the big house (hospital)

Third year is flying by. Surgery was exhausting, but much more exciting that pediatrics. Here is what I learned during my surgery and neurology rotations: 1) I am a better fit for surgery than pediatrics. I rotated through general surgery, vascular surgery, acute care surgery, and orthopaedic surgery over the past 2 months. It is… Read more >>