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Beginnings and Endings

Happy New Year! The end of each year and the beginning of the next always causes me to become a bit sentimental. Somehow, this rather arbitrary marker always makes me stop and think about where I am and where I’m going. The new year always comes in the middle of the school year, and I… Read more >>

Poetry and Medicine in the New Year

Yesterday, I fell asleep to the sound of exploding fireworks from neighbors’ lawns.  It felt unbelievably good to be back home in Georgia with my family.  One of the neighbors placed firecrackers in a ring on their driveway, lit them one by one.  As the fireworks went off, the children, each holding a sparkler, lined… Read more >>

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone! It’s finals week for the non-medical school campus – I am currently in between my two final exams (just finished my Chinese exam) and will then be free for the holidays! I’m not going far, but I’m happy to have the chance to sleep in a bit more. Sadly, my holidays won’t be… Read more >>

Life Post-Neuro

Happy Thanksgiving and end of November! I feel like I blinked and almost two months have passed. They have been a very busy two months, where we wrapped up renal, had two Clinical Foundations of Medicine (CFM) weeks, had a week of psych, and then completed the infamous neuro sequence. CFM was especially great this… Read more >>

Living large. (My version of it, anyway.)

My posts always seem to coincide with the end of a sequence: funny coincidence, that. We just finished our neuro sequence and it was EPIC. The one disease process we didn’t discuss is exactly what happens to your brain when you try to shove too many things into it in a short period of time…… Read more >>

“You Can’t Buy Perspective”

Today, we [M1s] attended a panel with four incredible women who told their stories of being patients or caregivers. In the hospital, at first glance, what we may see is an ill woman wearing an uncomfortable hospital gown, but it’s up to us to remember that person is a musician, a professional, a teacher, a… Read more >>