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What Brings You in Today?

It’s the beginning of February, but it feels like spring. The mid-40s weather is a welcome change from the sub-freezing series of days we’ve had recently. It’s been nice to thaw out a bit, and I have especially appreciated it since I’ve had the last few days off. My last post left us at the… Read more >>

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha Inspires us to Advocate for Patients

Today Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha spoke at the School of Public Health on the Flint water crisis. I walked in thinking that I may leave feeling more discouraged than uplifted, given the gravity of the situation in Flint and the many children and families that have been harmed by the toxic levels of lead in the… Read more >>

Finding a Beat

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted. If there is one thing I know for sure about medical school, it’s that it makes time disappear. One day it’s August and you’re trying on your white coat for the first time and then BLINK it’s October and you’ve just finished examining your first… Read more >>

Changing of the Seasons

Well, the weather finally decided it was time to act like January. After a remarkably warm December (seriously, coats weren’t necessary some days over the winter holidays), the new term has begun and the temperature has gotten a bit frosty. But despite that, other things are definitely beginning to heat up. Smoker season has begun,… Read more >>

Back to work

The last two months of M3 year have flown by! From the end of November until break started in mid-December, I rotated on inpatient GenMed at the U. Coordinating care was much easier at the U than at the VA and I helped take care of patients with extremely interesting diseases, like Acquired Von Willebrand’s… Read more >>

Burr Holes and Broomsticks (and yes, I am smirking at how clever this title is)

Last I wrote I was preparing for my first OR adventure. I’m proud to say I (obviously) survived and, what’s more, didn’t do anything exceedingly embarrassing! It went far better than I possibly could have imagined and now I find myself completely reconsidering the few preconceived notions I had as to what I want to… Read more >>