This is where you’ll hear what it’s really like at the University of Michigan Medical School. Students at each level of the program give you an intimate look at their med school lives—their insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, frustrations and excitement.

Life in the big house (hospital)

Third year is flying by. Surgery was exhausting, but much more exciting that pediatrics. Here is what I learned during my surgery and neurology rotations: 1) I am a better fit for surgery than pediatrics. I rotated through general surgery, vascular surgery, acute care surgery, and orthopaedic surgery over the past 2 months. It is… Read more >>

Volume 1, Issue 1: Hello World!

Welcome! Hi, everybody! I’m Sean, one of the M4s on a dual degree track here at UMMS, and I’m excited to be joining the Dose of Reality blog this year.  I hope to use this space to share some of my journey with you and to answer any questions you have about applying to medical… Read more >>

Welcome Back!

Happy fall and hello kidney (we’re in our renal sequence)! The school year was about to start when I last wrote, and I feel like it has been non-stop ever since. After finishing my summer research (temporarily), I took a quick vacation, and then headed back to Ann Arbor for school. The day before school… Read more >>

Fall in #PureMichigan

It’s not until my scrubs started exuding a vaguely chemical scent that I felt like a true medical student. Life lately has been a whirlwind of activity, and I’m excited to catch you up. We started dissecting our cadavers in anatomy lab. The first day, it took me a while to get used to the… Read more >>

Initial Clinical Experience

Close to two months of my first year of medical school have passed, and I finally feel as though I am getting my feet under me. UMMS has certainly been a whirlwind so far! Here’s a quick introduction to who I am: I grew up in a small town called Manchester, MI, and attended undergrad… Read more >>

The shape of things to come

This picture is from August 2009. It’s from a KSL TV story about one of my favorite clients — a brand new farmer’s market at the time on the diverse west-side of Salt Lake City. I’m the guy with the trumpet. The guy looking on became the chair of Salt Lake City Council. I’d been… Read more >>