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March Music

Sunshine! There are still a few feet of snow on the ground, but the birds are singing and I’ve simply decided it *must* be spring. The last month has been a haze of new coursework, research arrangements, and fantastic extracurriculars. A few highlights: The Medical Arts Program put on yet another phenomenal event, one where… Read more >>

Happy Grand Roundhog Day!

What a weekend! Last Saturday and Sunday served as the culmination of two very important events for Galens – the 2014 Smoker production Grand Roundhog Day and the Centennial Gala celebrating the 100-year history of Galens Medical Society. Galens was founded in 1914 as an honors society and has performed a vaudeville-type show each year… Read more >>

AMA Region V Meeting

Hi everyone! M1 year has really started to pick up…or I’ve just been more immersed in awesome extracurricular activities! Probably a combination of both. Last week, we completed our Immunology sequence, which allowed me to reminisce on my immunology research at the NIH/NEI several summers ago, and I’m excited to now be in the midst… Read more >>

Just Two More Months??

It really is hard to grasp, I cannot believe that in two months, my time at UMMS will come to end. It’s incredibly exciting, but with moments of anxiety and sadness too of course.  It really has been an incredible adventure and I can hardly wait to see how these next two months shape up…. Read more >>

Another CFM Week Down

Hey everyone! The M1s just wrapped another busy and fun-filled CFM (Clinical Foundations of Medicine) week. Many of us have dispersed throughout the country this weekend to visit friends and family, taking advantage of one of the rare weekends where we can take our open-book exam anywhere in the world. I have been enjoying the weekend in Boston,… Read more >>

Appreciating the Big Picture, Part 1.

Change of scene! For the past several weeks, I have been experiencing my OB/GYN rotations from the halls of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti. The last few weeks have been a flurry of catching babies, surgeries with Da Vinci robots, and now working with patients in clinics. With every visit, patient and doctor alike… Read more >>