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Not Album Worthy

When I was home for the holidays, I learned that my dad had packed away a box of photos years ago — mostly from my sister’s childhood, with a few of my brother and me as well — and labeled it with bold, black sharpie “Not Album Worthy.” Flattering, to say the least. It got… Read more >>

Snow Day?!

Last weekend, Ann Arbor was hit by over a foot of snow, prompting school-wide cancellation of Monday’s classes as roads were cleared and students frolicked (yes, there was actual frolicking) in the snow. At first, this was actually the first time I’d ever been annoyed about having a snow day. Last Monday was when my… Read more >>

If anyone knows how to put more hours in a day, we need to talk.

Wowzers, no time was wasted once we got back from our break. We immediately launched into the biochem-heavy GI sequence with a vengeance. Many of us (myself included) were simultaneously scrambling to finish up and submit out research proposals for the Summer Biomedical Research Program (fondly dubbed SBRP). I pretty much lived in Fursty, the… Read more >>

Slow Waves and Biorhythms

Hi everyone! Wow has it been a while. A very late happy new year to you! We hit the ground running when we came back to school on January 5th. It was somewhat difficult to get back into the swing of school, especially when we were so excited to see each other again after the… Read more >>

It’s Biorhythms Time!

This Sunday marks the winter show of Biorhythms, the medical school dance show! There are a few non-dance acts as well, but mostly the show is composed of group dances in a variety of styles – including Tahitian, hip hop, jazz, and Indian/step fusion. Two shows are held every year, usually in January and in… Read more >>

Tomorrow is WHAT.

I seriously can’t even handle the fact that tomorrow is January 1st. Where on earth has the time gone?!? My classmates and I are already halfway through our first year of medical school and I still haven’t completely accepted the fact that I’m even in medical school, let alone that I’ve actually started classes. (What… Read more >>