This is where you’ll hear what it’s really like at the University of Michigan Medical School. Students at each level of the program give you an intimate look at their med school lives—their insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, frustrations and excitement.


We survived our second sequence!! Cells and Tissues was sans training wheels and we certainly felt the difference. We also experienced our first anatomy practical which, while scary in its novelty, was not all that bad in retrospect. This additionally entailed planning our class’s first practice practical immediately prior to the real thing. Along with… Read more >>

Two Weeks of CFM!

After finishing our first three sequences of M2 year, my classmates and I were treated to two full weeks of CFM (Clinical Foundations of Medicine). It’s amazing to realize how far we’ve come, as everyone had to perform a full history and physical exam (H&P) in one hour during each of the two weeks. Conversely,… Read more >>

The team, the team, the team

In addition to helping out with the tailgate, as a Student Council Class Advocate, I have also been planning this year’s Medical School Fall Ball! Basically, Fall Ball is Prom for med students, so as you can imagine, it has taken a lot of work to organize. We finalized the menu, head count, centerpieces, DJ,… Read more >>

The Heart (and Lungs) of the Matter

Hello from the first week of cardio! We wrapped up Cells & Tissues two weeks ago with a pair of exams and an anatomy practical. Of course we had to celebrate a little bit, and what better way than with Emergency Medicine Day? EM Day was basically a way to learn about Emergency Med while… Read more >>

It’s not brain surgery . . . actually . . .

The last 3 months have been a flurry of 4am awakenings, drilling holes in skulls, taking care of Neurosurgical ICU patients and tasting what life as a Neurosurgery resident will look like. I spent a month each at Michigan, UCLA and Cedars Sinai doing a series of sub-internships. The intensity of the schedule and sleep… Read more >>

The Gift of Knowledge

To be completely honest, I was not the medical student waiting anxiously for the beginning of anatomy lab.  I knew it was a rite of passage that all medical students needed to pass through, but I really didn’t know what to expect.  After a month of anatomy lab, I am beginning to realize how incredibly… Read more >>