This is where you’ll hear what it’s really like at the University of Michigan Medical School. Students at each level of the program give you an intimate look at their med school lives—their insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, frustrations and excitement.

Finding a New Normal

I have to apologize for my lengthy writing hiatus these past couple months—turns out it can take a little while to adjust to the pace and demands of medical school life! It’s my hope that I can write much more regularly from this point forward. I’ve been thinking about a lot recently about the word… Read more >>

(Pretend you can hear me making inarticulate turkey noises)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Warning: dorky thankfulness post incoming. Things I’m thankful for: SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! Snoooooooooow. I’ve lived my whole life in Florida and I’m finally, FINALLY getting to experience real weather. I’m in love. Seriously. Everything looks cuter with snow. Snow is squishy. I can wear my hair down and not risk death by heat stroke. It’s… Read more >>

1100+ Pages of Material in 3 Weeks

Three weeks ago, we started the sequence that many of us had been dreading ever since we saw the M2 coursepack last year: Neuroscience/Special Senses. When we picked up our coursepack at the beginning of November, our worst fears were realized. Clocking in at over 1100 pages of material, we had a lot of studying… Read more >>

Freaking out, coming together.

It’s the rare individual who draws inspiration through slogging through medical coursework in the basement of Fursty. But where should the vital threads of life itself come together more than in the practice of medicine?

Do I just walk on by?

Every morning, I walk through a parking garage and catch the elevator from the 2nd floor to the 7th floor. The parking garage is shared by a myriad of people. Yesterday, as I was running (well, rather jogging…which is often slower than the pace of someone speed walking…) to catch the elevator, I saw a… Read more >>

Information Blackout

There are always a million and one things to learn, but somehow we still manage to be involved in a million and one things outside of school. This fall I’ve felt particularly fortunate, in that many academic aspects of life have overlapped so seamlessly with my extracurricular interests. During the Clinical Foundations of Medicine course, for… Read more >>