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Snow Days and the Windy City

Happy March and hello from CNS! At the beginning of each new block, I’m always both excited and nervous. I’ve heard quite a bit from various M2s about how CNS is a challenging block, mostly because the brain and central nervous system are phenomenally complex. One look at the schedule told me that this is… Read more >>

¡Hasta luego, Medicina en español!

Since mid-September, I’ve been trekking to the medical school on Mondays and Wednesdays for my Medicine in Spanish elective (since I stream lectures from home, I don’t tend to go to the med school buildings unless required). Although the weather has made the trek itself a bit less enjoyable, the classes themselves were always fun… Read more >>

Road biking in Atlanta for Valentines Day

One nice thing about going to a great school with a flexible testing schedule is the ability to maintain a long distance relationship. These arrangements are never easy, and I’m regularly jealous of my school friends who are dating someone who actually lives in Ann Arbor. But I do have the chance to go visit… Read more >>

Not Album Worthy

When I was home for the holidays, I learned that my dad had packed away a box of photos years ago — mostly from my sister’s childhood, with a few of my brother and me as well — and labeled it with bold, black sharpie “Not Album Worthy.” Flattering, to say the least. It got… Read more >>

Snow Day?!

Last weekend, Ann Arbor was hit by over a foot of snow, prompting school-wide cancellation of Monday’s classes as roads were cleared and students frolicked (yes, there was actual frolicking) in the snow. At first, this was actually the first time I’d ever been annoyed about having a snow day. Last Monday was when my… Read more >>

If anyone knows how to put more hours in a day, we need to talk.

Wowzers, no time was wasted once we got back from our break. We immediately launched into the biochem-heavy GI sequence with a vengeance. Many of us (myself included) were simultaneously scrambling to finish up and submit out research proposals for the Summer Biomedical Research Program (fondly dubbed SBRP). I pretty much lived in Fursty, the… Read more >>