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Spring at last!

Hello again, and happy spring!! At long last, the cold has left Ann Arbor, and it is a beautiful 70 degree afternoon as I write this. A lot has happened since my last post back in early March. First, the Smoker was a huge success and was definitely my favorite of the three I was… Read more >>


Hello! I write this from the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater as I watch the dress rehearsal of this year’s Smoker, “Oh Glaucoma!” I believe I’ve written about it before, but as a refresher…The Smoker is the annual medical school play that was started in 1918 as the “All-Medic Smoker,” and has continued throughout the years as… Read more >>

Onto a new year…

Happy New Year! (and a very belated hello!) As always, I am amazed by how quickly this holiday season passed, and I am surprised every time I have to write the date on something and find myself having to cross out 2012 and write 2013. As I write this blog post, my research year in… Read more >>

Fall Fun

Last year, amidst the excitement and stress of my third year of medical school, I was not surprised when I would take a brief pause from my fast-paced, hospital-centered surroundings, only to realize how quickly time was passing. With a few exceptions, my sense of time revolved around four-week blocks: get through these four weeks… Read more >>

Change of Pace

Hello! It has been FAR too long since I last wrote, and I guess the only excuse that I can proffer is that med school has felt like a whirlwind these past few months. Since I last wrote, I finished my third year, enjoyed an amazingly relaxing two week vacation with a cruise to the… Read more >>

Winding down

46 weeks down, 2 to go. It’s hard to believe that’s all that remains of M3 year—arguably the most feared, most challenging, but also most exciting year of medical school. As I sat in our weekly seminar this Friday, entitled, “Preparing your residency application,” I realized how far we’ve come since last May. I find… Read more >>