This is where you’ll hear what it’s really like at the University of Michigan Medical School. Students at each level of the program give you an intimate look at their med school lives—their insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, frustrations and excitement.

Taking advantage of a brief interview respite…

Hello from the interview trail! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of seeing new cities, crashing on the couches of old friends, attending dinners with residents and faculty, and—of course—the actual interviews themselves. After a stretch of five cities and six interviews in nine days, I’m back in Ann Arbor for a… Read more >>

And so it begins…

Hello again! Since I last wrote, summer has turned into beautiful fall here in Ann Arbor. The leaves have turned to vibrant shades of red and orange, the temperature is still in the 70s, and best of all Michigan football is off to a 5-0 start for the season. It doesn’t get much better than… Read more >>

M4, Part II!

The difference between last Friday and this past Monday was one of the starkest contrasts I’ve experienced in medical school. On Friday, I arrived into lab at the leisurely hour of 9 (okay, maybe 10) AM, wrapped up some last-minute experiments, and spent the afternoon quite comfortably in a coffee shop working on my paper… Read more >>

The one month countdown

I’m not quite sure how, but I am somehow left with five weeks in my research year off before returning to my fourth year of medical school! The last couple of months have been a blur of trying to finish my experiments and tying up other loose ends in the lab, and I was surprised… Read more >>

Spring at last!

Hello again, and happy spring!! At long last, the cold has left Ann Arbor, and it is a beautiful 70 degree afternoon as I write this. A lot has happened since my last post back in early March. First, the Smoker was a huge success and was definitely my favorite of the three I was… Read more >>


Hello! I write this from the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater as I watch the dress rehearsal of this year’s Smoker, “Oh Glaucoma!” I believe I’ve written about it before, but as a refresher…The Smoker is the annual medical school play that was started in 1918 as the “All-Medic Smoker,” and has continued throughout the years as… Read more >>