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A fond farewell

I’m writing this now from San Francisco, sitting on an air mattress in my new apartment, with the dog curled in a packing blanket that I also used as a comforter last night. We’ve spent the past four days traveling across the country to arrive in our new home. Some highlights from our trip: Our… Read more >>

First bike ride of the year!

I spent the last week in San Francisco finding an amazing apartment (although I was not really responsible for the finding… credit where credit is due, Lynn) and noticing the cyclists there. As many of you know, there are hills in San Francisco, and they are not for the faint of heart. Or the faint… Read more >>

And then we came to the end…

Believe it or not, my last real day of medical school was Friday. I finished all of my exams for OB/GYN Boot Camp (which was the most fabulous last rotation I could have imagined), and now I just have a month of vacation before I graduate. The phrase “and then we came to the end,”… Read more >>

Matched… and then…

As some of you have heard, Match Day is over and I’ll be heading out to San Francisco to start my OB/GYN residency at UCSF in June. It’s hard to believe that the day is past, and no one really said what we could all anticipate after Match Day itself. Some had hinted that it… Read more >>

Sometimes it’s hard

I’m in the midst of my emergency medicine rotation right now – my last real clinical rotation of medical school. I didn’t save it until the end intentionally, and I was a little worried about how burned out I’d be during a rotation that included night shifts and an unpredictable schedule. This turns out to have been… Read more >>


Today is the deadline for certifying rank lists. This blog is no stranger to talk of rank lists and matching, and I’m about ready for it to end. I talked about my list starting to emerge here, and if you need a refresher on how the whole match process works, check here. If you care… Read more >>