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The Next Adventure…

Hello again and happy spring! As I sit here and write this, I am four hours away from leaving Ann Arbor and boarding a plane for California. I realized that I couldn’t leave without a final blog post, so here it is! The past few months have been some of the best of medical school…. Read more >>

March Madness Indeed

March 2014 has probably been one of the most eventful and memorable months of my life.  I’m not sure I can recall every amazing thing that happened, but I can definitely try. The first weekend of March was actually kind of calm.  I was just finishing off my ER shifts at Hurley Hospital, located in… Read more >>

Match Week is here!

At last, Match Day is almost here! The whole application process—from starting the residency application in the early summer, to receiving interview offers, to months of travel across the country for numerous interviews, and finally to submitting a rank list—all has been leading up to this coming week. This is both very scary but also… Read more >>

Just Two More Months??

It really is hard to grasp, I cannot believe that in two months, my time at UMMS will come to end. It’s incredibly exciting, but with moments of anxiety and sadness too of course.  It really has been an incredible adventure and I can hardly wait to see how these next two months shape up…. Read more >>

And interview season comes to an end!!

Phew! The interview season has been quite a whirlwind! I’m just finally catching my breath. 19 interviews in 3 months has made for a VERY busy few interview season, but it wouldn’t have been possible without all my wonderful friends throughout the country who offered me their couches, rides to the airport, dinner, and even… Read more >>

3 Months of Vacation

Is pretty sweet. Seriously, its amazing how good you can get at spending time doing things outside of studying/clinical duties. I’ve been on vacation since November (well technically November was an online course, but with only 4-6hrs of weekly committment).  This extended vacation time is another reason Michigan rocks. Some things I’ve been doing: sleeping,… Read more >>