This is where you’ll hear what it’s really like at the University of Michigan Medical School. Students at each level of the program give you an intimate look at their med school lives—their insights, ‘ah-ha’ moments, frustrations and excitement.

1/4th of Third Year is Done!

Third year is when we get to learn from doctors in the hospitals and clinics rather than in the lecture halls. We also learn from patients, who I have found to be the best teachers so far. But I think that the most difficult aspect of third year has not been intellectual, but emotional.

The End of M2 Year

This week was the last week of M2 year. I took my last final of the preclinical years yesterday and am not tying up some loose ends before beginning to study for step 1. I was talking with a friend who is getting her PhD in Environmental Science this morning. She asked me how med… Read more >>

Preparing for M3 Year

Happy Sunday! The M2′s are currently in the middle of our Clinical Foundations of Medicine block. We have two weeks of small groups and lectures about health care. We also have been given time to prepare for the M2 CCA. The CCA is an evaluation of our physical exam, history taking, and oral presentation abilities…. Read more >>

The End of Neuro!

This is Thanksgiving Break. I’m finally home after taking Cardiology, Respiratory, Renal, Clinical Foundations of Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology. It has been a very busy and intense year so far. I finished our Neurology final Sunday night and Monday afternoon I flew into Newark airport. Home is extremely relaxing with the exception of my dogs… Read more >>

Women in Science

This morning, I read an extremely well-written article in the New York Times about women in science. Here is the article for anyone who is interested in reading it. The article was a shock to me for several reasons. First, I did not excel in science and math as a high school student or in… Read more >>

The Tour de Troit!

This Saturday myself and three of my classmates participated in the Tour de Troit. It is a 30 mile bike ride around the city of Detroit. Roads are closed off and around 6,000 cyclists can take a leisurely ride around the city. I am not from Michigan and I have not spent a lot of… Read more >>