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Letter from LaGuardia

This post is a month-late but was actually written (mostly) at the LaGuardia Airport (edited in Ann Arbor much later though): This past Labor Day weekend marked the end of my two-month Surgery clerkship and the final good-bye to summer.  As I’m sitting here in the LaGuardia airport in New York, waiting for my delayed… Read more >>

Good-bye Peds, Hello Surgery…

During the first few weeks of Pediatrics, my first rotation of third year, I emphasized that I was new, that it was my first day or week or month, that this was my first rotation.  But now it’s Sunday night before beginning Surgery, my second rotation of third year, and somehow two months have flown… Read more >>

Boards and Post-Boards

Two weeks into my clinical year, friends outside the med school bubble are still asking me about boards and post-boards.  Here are some photos to explain: Boards: Reconstruction of Taubman Library: Scenic Study Surroundings Delicious Dinner Breaks (once in a while) Gorgeous runs around Argo Lake March Madness! And heaps of flash cards, post-it notes,… Read more >>

The M2 Year Whirlwind

In one week, M2 year will officially end.  As I am spending most of my time making a color-coded Excel schedule for boards studying and trying to understand what exactly is a molar pregnancy in Reproduction—our last sequence of the year, I haven’t let the whirlwind of fast endings and boards studying and the beginning… Read more >>

The View from Getfund

Akwaaba Readers! Five weeks have passed since I first stepped off the plane in Kumasi—I’ve met many Kofi’s and Akua’s and have learned that my Ghanaian day name is Abinah (since I was born on a Tuesday), I’ve drawn blood and set a line (finally I have one or two practical skills after finishing a… Read more >>

Greetings from Ghana

Akwaaba Readers! This summer I am blogging from Kumasi, Ghana.  The first year of medical school ended in a blur of moving apartments, taking my last M1 final, hopping out to my high school friend’s bachelorette party/reunion in California, back home to Long Island for a few days of packing and an Indian fusion wedding,… Read more >>