Meet the Bloggers

Shannon Flynn – M4

Undergrad: Harvard, 2009
Hometown: Guilford, CT
Fun fact: As a preschooler, I went through a two year infatuation with Peter Pan, during which I refused to respond to any name but Wendy.

Shaza Al-Holou – M4

Undergrad: University of Michigan 2010
Hometown: Agareb, Syria; Troy, Michigan
Fun fact: I wrote for a satirical newspaper in undergrad

Hema Datwani – M4

Undergrad: University of Miami
Hometown: Panama City, Panama
Fun fact: I’m terrified of the ocean, so I became scuba certified to face my fear.

Douglas Darden – M4

Undergrad: Michigan State University
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Fun fact: I slam dunk!

Arun Hariharan – M4

Undergrad: University of Michigan
Hometown: Troy, MI
Fun fact: I’m a Certified bartender.

Sindhura Kodali – M4

Undergrad: Dartmouth College
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
Fun fact: Once when I was young, a squirrel got into my house and chased me, resulting in a lifelong fear of these creatures. I avoid the Diag at all costs.

Aditi Ramakrishnan – M3

Undergrad: Yale University
Hometown: Stony Brook, New York
Fun fact: Learned to surf (badly) when living in India.

Jonathan Awori – M3

Undergrad: McGill University
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Fun fact: Can juggle…while singing…in Swahili.

Kate Brieger – Medical Science Training Program (MSTP) / M2

Undergrad: Pomona College
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Fun fact: When I lived in Switzerland, I actually did eat chocolate with (and between) every meal.

Erica Prochaska – M2

Undergrad: Carleton College
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Fun fact: I have a pet hedgehog named Otto.

Jose Davila – M2

Undergrad: University of Michigan
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador & Grand Rapids, MI
Fun fact: I make my own ginger ale.

Korie Zink Thielker – M1

Undergrad: University of Michigan ’08
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI/Boston, MA
Fun fact: I once rushed the field at the Big House…on crutches. Go blue!

Andy Zureick – M1

Undergrad: Dartmouth College
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Fun fact: My pedagogical lineage of piano teachers goes back 6 generations to Beethoven!

Sara Walker – M1/MSTP

Undergrad: University of Michigan
Hometown: Brighton, MI
Fun fact: When attempting to modify a Fortran program, I accidentally added a bug that turned the entire computer’s font to Wingdings. Oops!