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M3 is Hard

Well, as a seasoned M3 (who is totally qualified to call herself this by dint of surviving almost one full week on Surgery), I have a bit of advice for those who are starting clinical rotations: it’s hard. While I admit the hours are comparable to those used to study for Step 1 a month… Read more >>

Since when is there no snow on the ground…? Where does the time go?!?

The Infectious Disease sequence has officially been conquered! I’ve got to send much love out to the best lab partner that ever was, dearest Daniel who was an incredibly good sport about my, er… neurotic tendencies. (No point sugar-coating it this far into the game.) I couldn’t have done it without him. In spite of… Read more >>

Brains, Planes, and So Much Hand Sanitizer

The temperature is well above freezing, there are leafy green things growing outside, and the birds have come back in full force. I guess it’s been a while since the last time I wrote considering that I was excited that the temperature was in the high 20s at that point. It’s been a very busy… Read more >>

Free at Last!

Well, it’s finally over – I just took Step 1 this morning and am thrilled to be done! After sequestering myself in self-imposed isolation for the past month, I can now fully rejoin the land of the living. And I’m going to start by playing Whirlyball tonight as part of the MSTP Second Look Weekend…. Read more >>

Warning: This Post Contains Too Many Words

I’m a baddie for not having written in so long, forgive me! Extra-long post to make up for it? I hope? The primary culprit for my absence is a much beloved, but much time om-nom-nomming Umich Medical School tradition: the Smoker. The Smoker is a comedic (or so we like to think) musical production put… Read more >>

Step 1 studying is a lot like cleaning your room…

…it just gets so much more messy before it gets clean! The first week of study period for Step 1 of the board exams really reminds me of when you decide to give your room the cleaning it has always deserved. Including the back of the closet. AND under the bed. You go through so… Read more >>