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Mysophobia: Welcome to ID/Micro!

On Monday, we began what is notoriously the most rigorous sequence of the M1 year: Infectious Diseases & Microbiology.  With laboratory exercises and case discussions every morning for a five-week period, each preceded by ~2.5 hours of relevant lectures beginning at 8am, my class has noticeably shifted back to attending live lectures, on par with… Read more >>

Third quarter

Hey everyone, Hope you’ve all been doing well! I apologize for my hiatus, but I will more than make up for it with photos:) My time at the NIH is whizzing by, I’m so upset about it! One of the largest ophthalmology conferences is taking place in May, so it’s almost time for the other… Read more >>

March Madness Indeed

March 2014 has probably been one of the most eventful and memorable months of my life.  I’m not sure I can recall every amazing thing that happened, but I can definitely try. The first weekend of March was actually kind of calm.  I was just finishing off my ER shifts at Hurley Hospital, located in… Read more >>

Discovering the Arc: Anatomy of Late Third Year

Trying to drink from a fire hose. Thrown in the deep end. Pick your metaphor to describe the overwhelmed feeling that you have at the beginning of third year. You do wonder if it will all come together. But the year progresses and something happens. Vague clinical instincts become sharpened by knowledge. A sense of responsibility to the… Read more >>

The End of M2 Year

This week was the last week of M2 year. I took my last final of the preclinical years yesterday and am not tying up some loose ends before beginning to study for step 1. I was talking with a friend who is getting her PhD in Environmental Science this morning. She asked me how med… Read more >>

Match Week is here!

At last, Match Day is almost here! The whole application process—from starting the residency application in the early summer, to receiving interview offers, to months of travel across the country for numerous interviews, and finally to submitting a rank list—all has been leading up to this coming week. This is both very scary but also… Read more >>